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Within the framework of the Sustainable Energy Week organized by European Commission, TESLA project will be presented in an event which will be hold in Brussels on 25th of June with the main objective of getting together a large number of companies in order to transmit them the objectives of TESLA project and its results.

This key actors meeting will be focused in spreading knowledge about the opportunities offered by the TESLA project regarding the improvement of technical know-how on the agro-food processes. Thus, it will pay special attention to the planning of actions with agro-food industry energy services companies advising SMEs in energy issues, suppliers of industrial equipments which can incorporate energy efficiency in their products, etc. Spanish Coops will hold this meeting with these institutions to explain them the mail goals of the project, and offering collaboration regarding the subjects of it.

Key actors interested in collaborating in TESLA project (equipment and technology providers for the agro food sector, energy advisors, etc) will benefit for participating in the project through a wide contact with the cooperatives.


10:00 TESLA. Targets and actions

Mr. Juan Sagarna.TESLA Project Manager

10:30 MOTORs efficiency in TESLA

Mr. Abel Ortego. CIRCE. Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption

11:00 Focused processes and energy efficiency

Mr. Joaquín Fuentes Pila. Polytechnic University of Madrid UPM

11:30 Role of Key Actors in the project

Mr. Laurent Dupont.Coop de France

12:00 Exchange of information

All the attendees

PLACE: COPA-COGECA. Rue de Trèves, 61. 1040 Brussels.

Please, send an email to sagarna@agro-alimentarias. coop or rivera@agro-alimentarias.coop if you were interested in taking part in this meeting.


Brussels, BĂ©lgica